Beyond Business

Kaurub has been in the leather garment export industry for over two decades and we feel humbled on being a socially conscious and ethically upright organisation which gives back to the lesser privileged sections of society.


Charity begins at home they say- so we identify genuine problems of the employees and work towards removing obstacles from their daily life. For example Kaurub has till date aided the admission of 50 girl children in good schools and has taken financial responsibility of providing medical facilities and treatments other than standard medical benefits.

Training And employment:

Kaurub provides skill-based training to tribal men and women across India & gives them a stipend and boarding facilities. All free of charge. After 6 months of training, we help these people get jobs in the organised sectors of society.

Opportunity for upliftment:

The first page of our website displays our products modelled by tribal people from one of the poorest states in India (Jharkhand). We at kaurub encourage the talent and promote the visibility of these underprivileged and unrecognized sections of society living in remote villages & plan to launch a beauty contest of tribal people in India.